Homenetmen London was established in 1979 by a group of youths who were previously members of the 'Ararat' scouting and cultural association in Iran. At its formation it was known as Ա.Հ.Ս.Մ. (‘Անգլեական Հայ Սկաուտական Միութիւն’) – which translates to Armenian-English Scouting Organisation – and its aim was to unite Armenians in England. It was in 1981 when this organisation joined the Homenetmen family as its 53rd chapter.

Since then Homenetmen London has provided scouting and sporting functions, held a wide variety of fundraising events, been a presence at countless high-profile events, and sustained its standing within the Armenian community in England’s capital.

Across the spectrum of services Homenetmen London provides, activities available in which to partake or to assist in delivering, and the network of volunteers who make it all possible, it’s unlikely you won’t find something of interest to you here.

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