At the 2016 Pan-European Games

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 21:18 Read 1071 times

From 25-28 March 2016 the Homenetmen London Marzigs travelled in full force to Amsterdam to participate in the European Armenian Games 2016 (EAG 2016). 26 Marzigs represented Homenetmen London, participating in Men’s Football, Women’s Basketball, Table Tennis, Backgammon, and Chess. These games were a huge success for our Marzigs, as our teams were only established two years ago. Since then, we have been training extremely hard for the upcoming international tournaments.

We attended EAG 2016 with the following aims in mind, and we are delighted that we were able to successfully fulfil them:

  1. To represent Homenetmen London in an international tournament;
  1. To provide our Marzigs with their first international tournament experience;
  1. To build the ‘Homenetmen’ community spirit amongst our Marzigs;
  1. To facilitate our Marzigs to showcase their talent and skills in a variety of sports; and
  1. To improve and build links with other Homenetmen chapters.

In our first international tournament in several years our Marzigs returned with plenty of medals. In Backgammon, Yeghbayr Shiraz Vartanian reached the final and won a silver medal.  In Table Tennis, Yeghbayr Martin Hovanessian, one of the most capable players in the tournament, was undefeated until he reached the semi-final, where he faced the current Table Tennis champion of Italy, who is also Armenian. Martin comfortably won his bronze medal in the 3rd and 4th place play-off. The Women’s Basketball team took two teams, who comfortably secured silver and bronze medals.

In other sports, our other Chess and Table Tennis players represented Homenetmen London proudly. In Men’s Football, the team was extremely close to coming out of the group, and will use the experiences of Amsterdam for their matches back in London this summer.

Following on from our successes, Homenetmen London has been invited to participate in the following international tournaments: Souren Mouradian Football Tournament hosted by Homenetmen Paris in summer 2016, European Armenian Games in Geneva 2017, the Pan-Homenetmen Games in Yerevan in summer 2017, and then the European Armenian Games in Vienna 2018. Our Marzigs are extremely driven and determined, and have worked with the Marzagan Khorhourt to create a strategic action plan for our community in the next few years.

We look forward to meeting more Homenetmen members across the globe when we play in these international tournaments!

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