The executive committee is responsible for the overall operation and continuity of Homenetmen London. It manages all functions of Homenetmen London on a macroscopic level, is always evaluating its mid- to long-term strategy, and manages inter-organisational relations.

The executive committee comprises an odd number of individuals, greater than or equal to 5. The committee is elected strictly democratically, by the members of Homenetmen London, at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The positions held by members of the executive committee include, but may not be limited to:

  • Chairperson
  • Accountant/treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Scouts Liaison
  • Sports Liaison

Members of the executive committee oversee further responsibilities not listed above while some duties and tasks are delegated to respective division sub-committees or individuals.

Below are the members of this year’s (2014-15) executive committee.

Shiraz Vartanian


Artine Shmavon-Mackertichian


Lorees Arakelian



Erebouni Torosyan

Sports Liaison  
(Մարզական Կապ) 

Ani Sahakian

Scouts Liaison 
(Սկաուտական Կապ) 


Narbeh Assadoorian

HYE Liaison
(HYE Կապ)

Varak Atanosian




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